Polar 90047381 RC3 GPS Sports Watch Red/Orange

  • Polar 90047381 RC3 GPS Sports Watch Red/Orange
  • Polar 90047381 RC3 GPS Sports Watch Red/Orange
  • Polar 90047381 RC3 GPS Sports Watch Red/Orange
Polar 90047381 RC3 GPS Sports Watch Red/Orange

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  • Built-in GPS With SiRFstar IV GPS technology allows you to keep track of distance traveled, elapsed time and speed. Smart Calories tells you how many calories you've burned.
  • Track your workouts Training Benefit provides feedback after your workout. Training Load helps you find a balance between training and rest, and ZoneOptimizer helps ensure you remain at the appropriate intensity level during workouts.
  • Fitness Test Shows your fitness progress. Running Index scores your performance and helps you improve with endurance training programs available via the Polar Web site.
  • Smart coaching features Allow you to improve your running and cycling performance.

RC3 GPS - A Smarter All-In-One

Plan, Review and Track Workouts
View your route map and analyze your workout
in polarpersonaltrainer.com
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Key Features
Easy to use

RC3 GPS - A Smarter All-In-One

The RC3 GPS is the smarter all-in-one. It's packed with unique Smart Coaching training features that will help maximize your performance.

Slim and Lightweight

The RC3 GPS has a super slim profile, built-in GPS and rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours of usage time.

GPS-based Altitude and More

In addition to speed and distance, the RC3 GPS shows altitude while training. After your workout, download your data into polarpersonaltrainer.com to see your route map along with altitude and pace. Your total ascent and descent will also be shown here.

Plan, Review and Track Workouts

Connect to polarpersonaltrainer.com, our free online training diary. Here you can create personalized running and cycling training programs and upload them into the RC3 GPS. After your training, download your data into polarpersonaltrainer.com where you can analyze your workout and review your training.


Key Features

• Tracks your route, speed and distance using built-in GPS
• Shows GPS-based altitude during and after training
• Improves performance with endurance training programs, downloadable for free from polarpersonaltrainer.com
• Back to Start GPS-based feature guides you back to your starting point
• Large display shows up to 3 rows of data
• Compatible with Polar W.I.N.D. running and cycling sensors
• Measures stride length and running cadence when used with the s3+ stride sensor (not included)
• Rechargeable battery, 12h in continuous use with GPS on
• 99 memory files
• Lets you share your training data via polarpersonaltrainer.com

In The Box

RC3 GPS training computer
USB cable
Getting Started Guide


Easy to Use

1) Enter basic settings

2) Start your workout

3) After your training, download your data into polarpersonaltrainer.com using the included USB cable to analyze your workout

Recommended Accessories

H2 heart rate sensor
H2 heart rate sensor

Add the H2 heart rate sensor for continuous, accurate heart rate.  This soft fabric chest strap seamlessly adapts to your body shape, bringing full freedom of movement to your workout.


CS cadence sensor W.I.N.D.
CS cadence sensor W.I.N.D.

Add the CS cadence sensor W.I.N.D. to measure your real-time and average pedaling rate of your ride.

S3+ stride sensor
s3+ stride sensor

Attach the small s3+ stride sensor onto your shoe to get your speed and distance as well as your Running Index to measure your running performance. This gives you the flexibility to measure your speed and distance inside or out.

The Polar Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart

Unlock a World of Smarter Training With The H2 Heart Rate Sensor Chest Strap

Polar invented the world's first heart rate monitor and pioneered the Smart Coaching training approach that delivers faster progress and better results. By adding a H2 heart rate sensor to the RC3 GPS, you’ll have access to these unique Smart Coaching features that listen to your heart and interpret the data for you so you can train smarter.


Training Benefit
Training Benefit

Motivating feedback right after exercise.

Training Load
Training Load

Helps you find the perfect balance between rest and training.

Fitness Test
Fitness Test

Tells you exactly how your fitness is developing.

Smart Calories
Smart Calories

Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned.


Ensures you always train at the right intensity.

Running Index
Running Index

Illustrates how your running performance is developing.

Endurance Programs
Endurance Programs

Guides you to improve your running and cycling performance. Lets you create personalized training sessions that adapt to your progress, including warm up and cool down phases.

How Heart Rate Training Works

How Heart Rate Training Works

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To activate heart rate training features on the RC3 GPS all you have to do is add a H2 heart rate sensor chest strap (accessory sold separately.) Here’s how heart rate training works:

When you train, you don’t always have to go faster or harder to get the best results. To reach your goals you just need to listen to your heart rate and train at the right intensity.

During training, there are specific intensity zones, each with a benefit.  These zones are based on a percentage of your maximum heart rate- a number calculated by most Polar heart rate monitors. While training you can use your max heart rate to calculate and follow the recommended zones below. Training in the right zone will help you stay on track to reach your goals.

Zone 1 "Very Light" 50-60%: Improves overall health and helps recovery. Recommended for weight management and active recovery.

Zone 2 "Light" 60-70%: Improves basic endurance and fat burning. Recommended for everybody for longer and frequently repeated short exercises.

Zone 3 "Moderate" 70-80%: Improves aerobic fitness. Recommended for everybody for moderately long exercises.

Zone 4 "Hard" 80-90%: Increases maximum performance capacity. Recommended for everybody for shorter exercises.

Zone 5 "Maximum" 90-100%: Develops maximum performance and speed. Recommended for fit people and athletic training.

(Calculate your Maximum Heart Rate: 200 - Your Age= Maximum Heart Rate.)


Compare Polar Running & Multisport Models

Continuous Heart Rate YesYes (w/ heart rate sensor)Yes
Fitness Test Yes Yes Yes
ZoneOptimizer YesYesYes
Integrated GPS NoYesNo
Training Plan Compatible YesYesYes
Interval Programming YesYesYes
Sport Specific Profiles YesYesYes
Altitude In DownloadYesIn Download
Download to Polarpersonaltrainer.com Yes (w/Datalink)Yes (included USB cable)Yes (w/Datalink)
Compatible with Polar running and cycling sensors YesYesYes
Heart rate in water NoNoYes
Customizable Displays NoNoYes
Race Pace NoNoYes
Multisport Mode (Triathlon) NoNoYes
Battery Type User Changeable
(Coin Cell)
(12 hours in continuous use with GPS on)
User Changeable
(Coin Cell)


Polar Customer Care

Purchasing a Polar product is only the start of your experience with us. We’ll be there to provide training advice and assistance and help you get the most out of your new product.


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Technical Specifications

Watch Type
Display Type
Maximum Depth Of Water Resistance
3.28 feet
Date/Time Display
Color Category
Clock Display
Body Metrics Measured
Distance traveled|Calories burned|Speed|Heart rate
Mobile Operating System Compatibility
GPS Enabled

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