Swann SWADS-GATEAK-GL Wireless Home Security System White

Swann SWADS-GATEAK-GL Wireless Home Security System White

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  • Make sure your home remains secure Wireless receiver and gate alert sensor keep you apprised, so you know if there's an intruder.
  • Battery-operated design for long-lasting use Helps keep your home safe even if the electricity fails.
  • Wireless mounting Enables easy installation around your home, including sheds, attics, garages and cabinets.
Swann’s Gate Alert Kit is an easy to use safety alert system to detect wanted and unwanted access through gates, doors and entrances. Connect the kit in minutes with easy mounting, pairing of the Receiver Unit and Sensor, and convenient 100% wireless operation using everyday AA and AAA batteries. Position the Gate Alert and its magnetic sensors on a door or gate and if the sensors are separated a siren will trigger on the Gate Alert and on the Receiver Unit indoors. It’s perfect for notifying you if children or others have opened a gate to a swimming pool area, street, front or backyard without your knowledge. There’s even a delay switch to allow adults to open and close the gate within 7 seconds without triggering the siren. The indoor Receiver Unit works as an alarm buzzer. It monitors signals coming from the Gate sensors and activates the alarm and an indicator light in response to those signals. You can expand your Gate Alert Kit by adding more sensors from the Swann DIY Alert Range for a customized alert system for your home or business. It’s advanced security made easy.


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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts
Not Available
Maximum Operating Range
196.9 feet
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor
Not Available
Product Name
Wireless Home Security System
Model Number
Color Category
Additional Accessories Included
Mounting kit

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