What Ignites Your Flame? Combining Personal Passions and Technology

by Dave Cavnar

Posted on 8/11/2015

What Ignites Your Flame? Combining Personal Passions and Technology

I am going to be honest with you: it’s difficult for me to get that excited about new technology. I recognize that at today’s technological pace, brand new generations of a device or product will inevitably pop up within a month of any purchase I make. The growth and expansion of processing power and technological capabilities, combined with the decrease in size of the hardware required to run a device, compounded by the rate of development of new technologies… Zzzzt! Fizzle! Bang!

What Ignites Your Flame? Combining Personal Passions and Technology

Ouch. That was the sound of my brain short circuiting.

If you’re like me, you have things you’re interested in. Not just interested in, but passionate about. For me, I love creating digital art, drawing, writing, filming and editing movies, losing myself in the great outdoors for hikes and trail runs with my dog, playing basketball, learning new skills like rock climbing or guitar, trying new foods, minimalistic travel, and getting together with friends (new and old).

In my last post, I discussed some of the basic steps that you can take to create your very first video. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the process (or at least my take on it), and as I sat down to write this post, I was thinking about the nature of each of our specific passions and the role that technology plays in improving our ability to satisfy those passions. Thinking about my own interests, I realize that many of them have been enhanced through the use of technology, and this is not a trend that I believe we will see drop off in the coming years. If anything, as technology becomes more interconnected and integrated in our lives, the hope is that we will be able to in fact enhance our quality of life.

And again, let’s be honest: that is really what all of us wish to do.

So let’s examine some potential passions and how technology can play a significant role in the way that you go about approaching them. For the sake of sounding like I know what I’m writing about, I’m going to write about what I know! And this is exactly what I listed earlier.

I’ll begin with digital art. I drew a ton as a kid, but left it alone for most of my adult life, distracted by everything that goes into being an “adult”. Recently I began drawing again, and quickly found myself attracted to digital art and the capabilities that go along with it. Using my MacBook Pro, some free software, and a digital drawing tablet, I began to produce some artwork.

This began to feed my other passions of photography and filmmaking. I soon purchased a used Canon Rebel T3i and began taking and editing photos and videos on my computer. Not much later, I got a GoPro Hero Black 4. The rest is history! I have been on the digital art train ever since.

These passions all stem from an early interest that I developed in comic books, cartoons, and movies. I viewed these things all in the newspaper, actual comic books bought with money earned as a delivery boy, and the colossal and bulky TV screens of my childhood. I considered them all as fantastically magical things, but never considered the possibility of creating them myself. Nearly two decades later, things have changed a bit. Now we’ve got webcomics, eBooks, and TVs are as wide as a grand piano and as thin as my first grade history book. However, I realize now that I am capable of making these things, and far more easily than the men and women that put their blood, sweat, and tears into the products that I loved as a kid.

By no means do I think of myself as an astounding artist. The important thing, however, is that I am taking steps in the right direction: improving my skill set. By no means do I think of myself as an astounding artist. The important thing, however, is that I am taking steps in the right direction: improving my skill set. By no means do I think of myself as an astounding artist. The important thing, however, is that I am taking steps in the right direction: improving my skill set.

Through the technology that I have now, I can begin to capture the essence of the other things that I enjoy and am passionate about, as well as share them with others. You may not be interested in basketball, trail running, rock climbing, travel, or any of those other things, but I think we can all admit that we watch videos and see pictures posted by people doing those things and more and think, “Wow! That person is so lucky! They’re pursuing what they enjoy.”

Unfortunately, many of us are blind to the fact that this freedom is available to all of us, and it is through current technology that this is so. Luckily, however, we must just open our eyes to the world of possibilities that await.

Are you an avid movie buff? With the vast host of TV options today, you don’t even have to go to the theater to get an immersive viewing experience. Save up the money, find the best deal for a top of the line 4k Ultra HDTV, and tap into your powers of patience. That item will eventually drop in price. And then BOOM! You’ve got a home theater. Now grab your phone a post a review of that new action flick or TV series episode.

Have you always loved using any object within reach to create beats and music? Using just the tablet that you’re perhaps reading this on, and any one of the many music production apps, you can begin to create the next musical sensation of this year! String together any number of instrumental loops, add vocals and samples, record the sounds of your girlfriend telling you to stop playing on your tablet, and SHAZAM! We’ve got the latest musical phenom. I can’t guarantee that your girlfriend will love being the unexpected star, but you can deal with that after the press release. Or you can hide your activities by plugging in and putting on some noise canceling headphones. The choice is yours.

Maybe you are dedicated to reaching a new level of fitness. What better way to start taking control of your exercise habits than a fitness tracker, smart watch, or even smart phone. You can easily discover a quality version of any of these devices, shop around for the most affordable prices, and start striving to meet your new fitness goals immediately. Or if that perfect device is still a bit too pricey, it’s again just a matter of patience and a good price tracker.

I could continue listing aspects of your life that could be enhanced through technology but I’d imagine you’ve already got something specific in mind. I encourage you to take advantage of the things you have at your fingertips and begin to really chase down the things you’re passionate about. Who knows, if you’re interested, and knowledgeable enough about your passion (I would bet good money that you are), you could even begin to write a blog, start making videos, or create a website that empowers other people to go out and start hunting down their passions.

I have no way of knowing what it is that gets you, my reader, excited about, but I would absolutely love to hear about your own take on this! So… what is it that gets your flame burning? Are there ways in which technology aids this? Let’s get this discussion going! Until then, keep doing what you love!

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