The Return of User-First eCommerce

by Dave Cavnar

Posted on 7/21/2015

The Return of User-First eCommerce

We can all agree that online business is not going anywhere. It is growing every day, becoming more accessible and allowing for more people to make more connections than ever at an unprecedented rate. With this incredible amount of users flocking to what a service that a business is providing, it’s easy for the buyer to feel like they’re being lost in the crowd. With so many people looking to satisfy their online shopping needs, it’s simple for large companies to lose sight of their most essential asset: the user or customer.

This trend seems to be backwards, as a business is incapable of growth without the support of the user. This often overlooked fact should be empowering to the user. At TrueCurate, our highest value is User Satisfaction. We believe this is achieved through the relationship developed between our business and you.

This is done through optimizing your online shopping experience by opening and maintaining a line of honest communication and feedback. We encourage you to voice any comments, concerns, or suggestions at any time. We pride ourselves on maintaining this via our user discussion forum as well as the available review section on the product-detail page. Not only does this help us grow and improve, but it informs other users and creates a sense of community. In this sense, there can be no “bad” review due to the fact that if someone cares enough to leave a review or comment, it gives us an opportunity to improve endlessly through that feedback. Understanding our users’ needs and desires is paramount to providing 100% User Satisfaction.

So let’s get the ball rolling on this! What do you, as a user or potential user, want to see from TrueCurate and eCommerce? Do you have any suggestions or comments on how we could improve? We are growth-focused and one of the fastest ways to start growing is to know the direction we should be heading. Help us achieve that and start communicating now!

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