Price Tracking: Finding Your Perfect Price is Easier Than Ever!

by Dave Cavnar

Posted on 7/19/2015

Price Tracking: Finding Your Perfect Price is Easier Than Ever!

Love good deals? Would you consider yourself a patient person? Let’s picture a situation we’ve all been through: Perhaps you’re a bit overdue for a haircut. You know where to go to get the perfect haircut, but you want to get it for the Perfect Price. Now imagine this, a world where you can set the amount of money that you are willing to pay for that perfect haircut and receive a notification when it is available. Unfortunately, that’s not available yet for haircuts, but it is available in the eCommerce world.

TrueCurate is thrilled to provide our users with a simple, streamlined, built-in Price Tracking Service. Without ever moving to another page, you’ve discovered and researched the Perfect Product. You’ve compared prices among the leading retailers in the Price Comparison Table. By clicking Track It, available on either the search query results page or a specific products details page, you’ll activate TrueCurate’s Price Tracking Modal window, where you can easily set the price you wish to purchase the product for.

From there, our technology will do the work for you. With hourly price tracking updates, we guarantee immediate notification when the price you’ve set has been reached. We have also designed the notification system to only send you one reminder to let you know that the price has been set. This means that you will not be hassled with repeated messages telling you something you already know. We let you know that your Perfect Price has been reached, and then you’ll be left to do with that information as you see fit. We’ll look into the haircuts for you, as well. While you’re waiting, you can track your next purchase!

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