Price Comparison: Unbiased and Easily Accessible Product Pricing

by Phil Coron

Posted on 7/18/2015

Price Comparison: Unbiased and Easily Accessible Product Pricing

Imagine walking downtown on a scorching summer day and you see two ice cream stands. Just the sight of the ice cream scoops dipping into the frosted metal ice cream containers and the thought of a sweet and cold treat get you excited. But what is it that helps you make up your mind as to which one to go to? One of the most important aspects is Price Comparison. If they both offered two delicious scoops of Peanut Butter Choco-Chunk or Strawberry Shortcake Supreme, we would go for the cheaper one, any day of the week. Similarly, readily available Price Comparison in online shopping can further inform your final purchase. By utilizing it, you are able to get your ice cream and the knowledge that you got the best deal.

One thing that we can all agree on is that we would all like more hours in the day. And unfortunately, the current trend in online shopping takes up a lot of our valuable time. This is due to constantly going from site to site to see what the best possible deal would be. This process has yet to be fully optimized to save you two of your most valuable assets: time and money.

We have good news: TrueCurate is happy to introduce a new way of going about online shopping. As we mentioned about Product Discovery and Price Comparison, the tools that our site offer allow for you to get the most out of your time and money. With a Price Comparison Table on each of the product details page, you are freed up from these concerns, making your online shopping experience as fun and engaging as we think it should be.

In order to provide you with an optimized Price Comparison, we rely on three things:

The first is a partnership between TrueCurate and only the most well-known, reputable, and respected retailers. This pool of partners is one that we take pride in and will continue to grow to continue to give you the best possible prices for the products you’re looking for.

Secondly, we focus on providing unbiased pricing information. This means that we are truly looking at which retailer can give you the lowest price for the product that you want. You will always be presented with the lowest price right next to the product name, as well as which retailer is the one providing it. The only bias we hold is that for putting you first, and ensuring your satisfaction.

Finally, we have programs built into our site that are constantly tracking our retailers’ sites to ensure that you are given only the newest price information.

You can finally rest assured knowing that when you shop with TrueCurate, we are focused on ensuring you are not only getting the best possible price, but that you’re doing so in an informed way. We are empowering you, our user, to make a purchase decision that gives you the knowledge that you’re saving the most money possible.

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