Product Discovery: Putting the Fun Back in Online Shopping!

by Dave Cavnar

Posted on 7/17/2015

Product Discovery: Putting the Fun Back in Online Shopping!

We’ve all arrived in an unfamiliar town after a long trip and wanting to grab a bite to eat. It’s often tempting to just go with what you know: a familiar chain restaurant. You know exactly what you’re going to get, what ingredients to expect, and how expensive it’s going to be. But for many of us, we like some variety. The discovery of a new spot is often exhilarating and possibly even necessary. However, navigating a space can sometimes result in getting turned around, overwhelmed, or even lost. The same thing occurs every day in the online shopping world. Sites are cluttered, filled with pop-ups, and every click takes you somewhere new. We’d like to change that. TrueCurate provides an organized, open environment, which allows for an immersive discovery experience in the sometimes scattered eCommerce world. Without ever having to leave the site, you can experience the entire journey of Product Discovery.

What is Product Discovery, you ask? It’s one of the most exciting aspects of what online shopping allows for today. It’s virtually browsing a store to see what stands out to you, and learning as much about that item as you can. Until now, this process often required a lot of search queries, skimming of product reviews, user reactions, and generally jumping from site to site. TrueCurate provides an fresh alternative to this often time-consuming and pop-up generating status quo. From the initial general search for a product you’re interested in, our site will lead you to a wide range of premium brands. Upon clicking on one, you enter an original product description page, hand tailored by our Curator team to provide you with all of the information you want, in one place. Due to being hand picked and curated by our team, you are given only valuable, authentic, and thorough details concerning the product. Along with this description you’ll be presented with the lowest updated price for that product, as well as in-depth and accurate product specs and an option to either buy the product immediately or set the exact price that you would be willing to pay to acquire that product. This then allows our tracking technology to notify you when this price is met. Another exciting aspect of what the TrueCurate experience offers is our specially designed buying guides. With these (at the moment offered for tablets) you can be walked through the process of purchasing a new device.

With what TrueCurate has to offer, you can bid farewell to the days of getting turned around, misdirected, or disappointed by a lackluster Product Discovery experience. We’re here to give you the clean, straight-forward, and even enjoyable experience that you deserve.

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