TrueCurate 2017 Price Comparison and Price Tracker Updates

by George R.

Posted on 2/22/2017

Here we are, two months into the new year of 2017. Time is moving quickly in this digital age, and we at TrueCurate are always trying to keep pace with new developments and emerging trends. We won’t bore you with the nuts and bolts of how, but we’ve been working very hard to make the website faster and more responsive. If you are a return visitor, hopefully you’ve noticed much quicker page load times on your desktop computer and on your mobile devices, and if you are a new guest to TrueCurate, hopefully you are impressed with your agile navigation experience as you search for the best prices on new or favorite products. It’s really important to us to ensure you have the BEST experience; your time is valuable and we are so grateful you’ve chosen to spend some of it with us!!

There is also a very big push going on behind the scenes here at TrueCurate to make your price comparison research and shopping even better. That is why you can expect to start finding soooooo many more products to be listed over the coming weeks and months. This will be a phased approach so it’s imperative that you check back often during 2017 to see all the new and amazing product categories we’ve added. Along with new product categories, there will certainly be new products, and LOTS of them. While we currently have well over 20,000 products for your shopping convenience, expect to find closer to 200,000 products by the end of year. In all honesty, this could turn out to be a conservative projection. We are working very smartly to bring you some exciting new categories beyond Electronics and Appliances.

Expect to be able to compare prices, track prices, and link to best-prices retailers in new categories such as Apparel, Shoes, Accessories, Health & Beauty, Beverages, Toys, and many many more. We know that as trends in e-Commerce begin to mature over the coming years, you will be spending a lot more time shopping online and trying to find the best prices on all of your searched products. We at TrueCurate are striving to be the leader in price comparison and we want to make sure you find all the products your heart desires in all the relevant categories.

Thank you for stopping by our blog and reading up on some of the new developments we have implemented in 2017. And we’re excited to have you back again as we implement even more new features to bring you the very best online price comparison and shopping experience.

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