Set Price Drop Alerts, Get Notified on Twitter

by Phil Coron

Posted on 7/4/2016

TrueCurate has always been the best way to check a price while you're out shopping in store or online, but we now have a brand new way for you to receive your price drop alerts: Twitter.

Yep, that's right - just click the "Set a Free Price Drop Alert" button located on our product detail pages, set your desired price, enter your Twitter handle and we'll let you know when your price drop is at or below your desired price by tweeting it to you!

TrueCurate Price Alert now supports getting notified on Twitter

Try it now! Just get to a product detail page of any product (or products) you're interested in paying less for and start setting your price drop alerts from there!

Here's an example:

TrueCurate Price Alert Form Note: this camera's price went up since I set my price alert
TrueCurate Price Alert Twitter Notification

This feature was recently added by our tech team (great job tech team!) so if you run into any errors or snags please reach out to us. Also, we're working really hard to add new features and additional retailers, so if there's a feature or retailer that you really want let us know!

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