How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh?

by Phil Coron

Posted on 7/16/2015

How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh?

Welcome! As this is the icebreaker to our new blog, it felt appropriate to say hello and introduce ourselves. We may seem like a new face in the crowded world of eCommerce, but we hope to become a familiar and welcome presence. We came to grow and develop into what TrueCurate is today over the course of the last three years. Although all of the current members of the team hail from Michigan, we all come from a wide variety of fields and professional experience. Despite, we all have something more than our home State in common, and believe that we share it with anyone who is reading this or would be interested in using TrueCurate: we believe that shopping online should be an easy, enjoyable, and engaging process. In addition to that, we stand behind our slogan, “Perfect Product, Perfect Price”. We’d like to think that that is what everyone looking for a new purchase is hoping to find, but many don’t realize it.

With this in mind, we want to become a guide to the often overwhelming world of eCommerce. Whether you’re a first time online shopper asking, “what’s the best site to buy electronics online?”, an experienced user looking for a refresher, or a veteran deal finder who knows exactly what you want, we hope to provide you with it. On this blog, we will post regular tips, explanations, insights, and stories pertaining to what some of the most important aspects of the current market are. We are thrilled be entering the eCommerce world at this point in time and look forward to sharing everything we know, and learning some from you, in the times to come.

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Steve Coron 9/23/2015 12:50:53 AM

As a soon- to- be 60 luddite, I want easy online shopping. If the site is complicated and messy, I go to the next one. True Curate is easy to use and clean.