AudioQuest GOLDG08MR Golden Gate 26.2' 3.5mm-to-RCA Audio Cable Black/Red

AudioQuest GOLDG08MR Golden Gate 26.2' 3.5mm-to-RCA Audio Cable Black/Red

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  • Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) conductors Ensure minimal interference with the audio signal. Solid-core conductors eliminate strand interaction to reduce distortion.
  • Gold-plated RCA plugs Provide efficient signal transfer.
  • Cold-welded terminations Eliminate sonic damage typically caused by heat and solder.
  • Foamed PE insulation Reduces timing errors and soundstage smearing for crystal-clear audio.
  • 26.2' length Allows flexible placement.
The nearly magical confluence of land and sea where the San Francisco Peninsula reaching up from the south, and Marin County stretching down from the north, almost touch, was named "Chrysopylea," meaning "golden gate," by Captain John C. Fremont in 1846. The Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world from 1937 to 1964, when New York City's Verrazano Narrows surpassed it by a mere 18 meters (60 ft). The main span is 1,280 meters (4,200 ft) long and 27 meters (90 ft) wide, the towers rise to 227 meters (746 ft) above the water. SOLID PERFECT-SURFACE COPPER (PSC) CONDUCTORS: Perfect-Surface Copper has an astonishingly smooth and pure surface. Proprietary metal-processing technology protects the wire's surface at every stage of drawing and fabrication. When high-purity low-oxide copper is kept as soft, pure and smooth as possible, it becomes a wonderfully low-distortion conductor. For over 30 years AudioQuest has pioneered the use of superior metals; yet even we were surprised by this huge leap in performance. PSC clearly outperforms previous AQ metals that cost over ten times as much. Electrical and magnetic interaction between strands in a conventional cable is the greatest source of distortion, often causing a somewhat dirty, harsh sound. Solid conductors are fundamental toward achieving Golden Gate's very clean sound. FOAMED-POLYETHYLENE INSULATION: Any solid material adjacent to a conductor is actually part of an imperfect circuit. Wire insulation and circuit board materials all absorb energy (loss). Some of this energy is stored and then released as distortion. Golden Gate uses air-filled Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation on both conductors because air absorbs next to no energy and Polyethylene is low-loss and has a benign distortion profile. Thanks to all the air in Foamed-PE, it causes much less of the out-of-focus effect common to other materials.


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Technical Specifications

End 2 Connector Type
Color Category
End 1 Connector Type
3.5mm stereo audio
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor
5 years
Product Name
Golden Gate 26.2' 3.5mm-to-RCA Audio Cable
In-Wall Rated
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts
5 years

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