About TrueCurate

TrueCurate was built on the idea of Perfect Product, Perfect Price.

The Problem

It all started when I needed a solution to a problem I faced: “How do I keep up with the amount of reading I need to do for work?”

I asked my peers for advice, consulted online reviews for different products, and read product-focused blogs. My research led me to a tablet computer as the solution. I even identified my criteria for the tablet: it had to be light, it had to be small, and had to be great for reading, writing, and watching video. From all this, I found the specific tablet that [I believed] would be the best solution to my problem. I felt very educated, and very confident.

Next, I followed the typical price comparison routines: check online prices, check store prices, visit comparison shopping engines, and scour the web for coupons. Finally, I found the best deal at a popular retailer. I felt savvy.

Now, I was ready to implement my solution. I downloaded my mobile coupons, and marched into the store to buy the tablet. I made my purchase and rushed home for the grand un-boxing. I charged the tablet, personalized it, and packed it for my next business trip.

This story, unfortunately, does not end well. I found the tablet to be incompatible with my work email and calendar. The tablet didn’t support the document format that was common for my workplace and struggled with a certain video platform. Lastly, the tablet had difficulty toggling between wifi networks. I spent more time playing with the tablet’s settings and downloading applications than getting valuable work done. Said differently, this tablet did NOT solve my problem.

My story is too familiar. We conduct research at multiple sources to help us feel confident that our purchase will meet our needs. We then use all the tools available to get the best price. We then buy the product, only to realize that it is not what we expected. Fortunately, we can return and exchange for something else, but the void that we needed to fill remains open.

The Solution

TrueCurate was founded in October 2013 to deliver our Perfect Product, Perfect Price brand promise. Our sole mission is to facilitate a world where you can make the right product choice every time, find the best price by comparing reputable retailers who sell the product, and where the deals find you.

We do this by showcasing educational and helpful product information that is curated by our dedicated teams - researching and hand picking products we believe you'll enjoy. We strive to create a community at TrueCurate, where all shoppers alike can contribute by curating products as well - just visit our curate page to get started curating products in three simple steps. This presents a “for the user, by the user” approach.

We strive to Curate, index, and offer all items in the universe for a particular product category. We introduce new product categories to our site in phases to ensure that we curate the most useful and authentic information to help you make better purchasing decisions.

After you have selected the precise item that meets your needs, we commit ourselves to helping you find the perfect price. We display prices for all retailers we track that carry the product, always sorted by lowest price first. Price data is updated as often as every hour, so that you have the most up-to-date price information to compare between stores. We display the final price you can expect to pay, as well as of identifying if the product has free shipping. We provide price tracking features so you can set price targets, be alerted to price movements, and know when an item is back in-stock.